It Ain’t What You Make But What Makes You Do It

The center piece of this exhibit will be Dennis Oppenheim’s, “Theme for a Major Hit,” from 1974.

This is a nod and a tribute to Dennis from artists who knew him, worked with him or were touched in some way by his work.

Artists :
Gregory Barsamian
Charlotte Becket
Guy Ben-Ner
Mark Esper
Jon Kessler
Jeffrey Allen Price (SBU Art 2003 M.F.A.)
Jude Tallichet
Mary Ziegler

Exhibition: “It Ain’t What You Make But What Makes You Do It”
Duration: April 25 – May 25, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday 6 pm – 9 pm, April 25th, 2014
Gallery Hours: Friday – Sunday 1 pm – 6 pm and by appointment


464 Seneca Ave Ridgewood, Queens 11385
718 381-2962